Read on to gain a complete understanding of your tax obligations when using and trading in cryptocurrency in the UK. Every taxpayer who makes a gain would like to say it is a gambling gain because gambling gains are tax-free. Realistically, most taxpayers will have some sort of a strategy, and it will be difficult for them to claim that they are gambling. A stablecoin is again a digital currency that is pegged to a “stable” reserve asset, such as the US dollar or gold. If we read the markets, we will witness that upward swings in value are less significant.

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Any gains arising on the disposal of such assets will not therefore be sheltered by an election for the remittance basis. Perhaps even more concerning for non-doms is the fact that HMRC’s view means that a purchase of cryptoassets by a UK resident non-dom from their overseas income and gains will have triggered a taxable remittance at that point. As HMRC’s view on the situs of crypto assets was not published until late 2019 there are potential arguments around purchases before this time.

Indeed, the fact that a disclosure followed a nudge letter could mean that, de facto, it might not be deemed to be unprompted. Keep in mind that if you swap one type of cryptocurrency for another this is seen as selling and you’ll be required to pay gains tax (unless you’re under the tax-free threshold). Stablecoins – This type of cryptoasset is one that has a more stable value with it being connected to a government-backed currency such as The Great British Pound or a valuable commodity such as silver. The COVID-19 pandemic gave tax administrations a taste of what digital transformation can offer.

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In November 2021 HMRC started sending nudge letters to UK citizens to encourage them to declare their income from crypto investments and ensure they pay any tax due before the deadline in January. Jordan explained that the ATO has been working on ways to “nudge” people in the right direction such as pre-filling data on tax returns to prompt crypto users to report their investments. Therefore, whilst the latest nudge letters will not make any specific accusations or be threatening in tone, recipients should assume that they are being targeted on the basis of actual data held by HMRC. Failure to take action or to respond is therefore likely to result in HMRC starting an investigation (either under civil procedures or, in cases of suspected fraud/evasion, using their criminal powers). We’ve seen instances where people have triggered a capital gain and tax liability, before their coins have plummeted and they no longer have the assets or cash to settle their taxes. This response was to be expected following HMRC’s publication in March 2021 of their Cryptoassets manual which sought to help people understand the tax implications that can arise from transactions involving cryptoassets.

  • Understanding crypto taxes is not as easy as it seems, especially since there isn’t much information about how cryptos are taxed.
  • When you sell, exchange, spend, or give away airdropped coins or tokens in the future, you’ll be subject to Capital Gains Tax.
  • Our teams advise public sector clients on a range of digital projects from small improvements to large-scale transformations.

To calculate her cost basis on a per ETH basis, we need to average out her total costs. Accountancy and tax services are provided by Dixcart International Limited which is regulated by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales. Our tax team can help you review your tax position and can respond to HMRC and confirm what action, if any, will be taken to resolve the matter. In our experience, getting the strategy right to resolve the enquiry, in the most cost-effective way, is the key to minimising any potential damage.

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There are so many examples of these bad nudges in the crypto, NFT, and online sports betting world. Many of these so-called “influencers” give their target audience instant gratification in the form of short-form content on YouTube or TikTok. Since crypto investing and NFT trading are also known for a similar instant gratification through the idea of “getting rich quick”, having internet celebrities promote these platforms draw in a significant mass of people. These types of people are then susceptible to greedy behavior through crypto investing and NFT trading.

“People think of crypto as just buying and selling bitcoin, but there’s far more different areas of the blockchain now, and I don’t think they’re keeping up to date in terms of all those developments. Similarly, Barnard argues that, with the digital token market growing and changing rapidly, HMRC must update its guidance more regularly. Yes, it’s a new area and there are some grey areas within it, but generally speaking, I think it’s just a new and exciting area for potential investment. “It’s quite easy to say, ‘I don’t understand crypto, go somewhere else’, but if you’re a professional accountant, I think you should have at least the baseline level of information,” says Chris Barnard, tax adviser at Accounts and Legal. If you have any problems with your access or would like to request an individual access account please contact our customer service team.

The book explains how findings from the worlds of psychology and behavioral science could help people make better choices with their money, health and other issues. Several countries have since set up “nudge units” to inject such thinking into public policymaking. The commissioner also said the ATO has ramped up its trading data matching capabilities in 2021 by sourcing information from cryptocurrency demand-side platforms, share registries and brokers. Our team manages multi-jurisdictional internal investigations to identify tax errors for clients and, where applicable, make detailed disclosures in order to regularise the position . The above is just one potential risk when dealing with taxes in crypto – it can wipe you out if you’re not careful.

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